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You Need The Right Learning Environment To Achieve Outstanding Results

Eighty percent of communication is nonverbal and a picture paints a thousand words. It therefore follows that the attention of an audience can easily be lost by distractions. This is why it is vital to create an environment for learning where the application of audio visual technology is seamless.

Avant Garde AV has many years’ experience in the delivery of state of the art technology. This technology allows you to engage with your audience using presentation tools that ensure lessons and lectures are as effective as possible.

We offer, consultancy,supply, installation, training, maintenance and Support. Our consultants work within your budget requirements to help create learning spaces of distinction. We understand that individuals learn differently with  individual learning styles. We provide consultancy, installation and training so that your staff can deliver teaching where the emphasis is on the message without the distractions of inadequate equipment. We then provide ongoing support to keep you ahead of the curve. This support includes keeping you up to date with the latest developments in the field.

A typical installation consists of Audio Visual Presentation with Interactive Media and Networking, all wirelessly linked. This can include enabling participants to interact via individual smart devices, such as tablets, phones and laptops.